Pain Clinic

Transformational Energy Healing with Barbara Paster

Wednesday Morning Pain Clinic –
Worldwide for People and Animals!

Distance Energy Healing

An Alternative for Pain*

9AM to 12PM (USA, PST) Every Wednesday


The ETTP Pain Clinic uses an alternative healing method that can help anyone, anywhere in the world. This healing technique does not involve hands-on healing, as the work is done in one’s energy field. We can work with anyone, anywhere!

We can help people and animals with:


Back Pain

Muscle Pain

Nerve Pain/Sciatica



Pre/Post Surgery






Phantom Pain

Painful Side Effects from Medications/Treatments

etc . . . AND the stress that goes along with these issues.

Low-Cost Relief to Those in Crisis

The Wednesday morning distance-healing pain clinic has been created to provide discounted low-cost alternative healing for animals and people. We treat pain, trauma, injury and stress, from an energetic standpoint.

Releasing blocked or stuck energy from ones body and energy field and replacing it with healing energy can not only release physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain, but can significantly accelerate all healing on all levels.


Wednesday morning sessions are by reservation. A consultation will follow, either by phone or email.

Available spots are limited so call or email to reserve.  Contact.

* The pain clinic is not meant to replace a visit to your physician, vet, or dentist.