Room for Calm


Calm Energy Room

This room is infused with pure calm healing energy. It’s created as a sanctuary for you.

Sit in a quiet place, free from distraction.

Enter this room and have a seat on the sofa, your hands on thighs, feet on the floor.

Be aware of your gentle and steady breathing.

With only your imagination and intention you will be brought into the calm healing energy that is engulfing this room.

You may look at the screen or at this point close your eyes and begin to feel the energy.

You may ask that the energy in this room melt away thoughts that are filling your mind. Ask for it to release fear and stress from every cell in your body and then fill you with peace. Or,  you may just sit and let your energy release and accept what it needs.

“I accept this calming energy into my body, my mind, and into my soul. I let go of unneeded and unwanted thoughts and let myself be at peace. For now and always.”

You will relax quickly. Remain here for at least 3 minutes or as long you would like. Once you have experienced the energy of this room, you may access it with just a thought. Intention can take you anywhere.