Distance Energy Healing Worldwide!!

Barbara Paster

Transformational Energy Healer

Animal Communicator and Healer

Spiritual Counselor



If you could heal what is holding you back with only your intention,
would you?

What if your pain was just gone?

What if you could improve a relationship?

Recover from illness or addiction?

Turn sadness into joy? Anger into peace? Release anxiety?

What if the weight lifted and you could begin to enjoy life?

What if life just flowed? Imagine that.


“Barbara is the most intuitive and effective healer I have ever had work on me. I was suffering from a severe gout attack. Both my feet were in such pain I was not able to walk. Barbara’s sessions brought great relief, not only from the pain but also concerning issues behind the pain. I never hesitate to recommend Barbara to anyone who needs a healer on any level, for anyone– human or non-human. I cannot speak highly enough of my regard for Barbara’s gift and talent.” — Chris


Barbara Paster is a Master Energy Healer and Energy Alchemist. Through her Distance Healing sessions she can help you to gently, yet powerfully, transform your energy thus transform your life.

There are no limits to the changes we can create through working with one’s energy – from healing disease and relieving pain to finding joy and inner peace. Energy has no boundaries so I work with anyone, anywhere in the world, including animals.


PEOPLE: Physical. Emotional. Spiritual. Mental, Behavioral. Pain. Disease. Arthritis. Insomnia. Injury/Burns. Quick Healing of Breaks and Sprains. Pre/Post Surgery. Side Effects from Medication and Cancer Treatments. Withdraw. Depression. Addiction. Stress. Depression. Sadness. Grief. Addiction. Fear. Your Connection to the World. Releasing Blocks. Moving Forward. Relationships. Clearing Past Lives. Opening and Illumination. Higher Consciousness… More.

ANIMALS: Animal Communication. Physical. Emotional. Spiritual. Behavioral issues. Relationships. Issues of older pets. After-life sessions (Pet Medium). Etheric “Pet Sitting.” Relieving Grief in a Single Session (Loss of Another Pet or Owner)More.