Mystic Healing Room

Silence-Room-LRHealing Sanctuary for True Healing

This room is a sanctuary – infused with pure healing energy and created for you.

Sit in a quiet place, free from distraction.

Enter this room and have a seat on the padded floor.

Be aware of your gentle and steady breathing.

With only your imagination and intention you will be brought into the healing energy that is engulfing this room.

You may look at the screen or at this point close your eyes and begin to feel the energy.

You may ask for healing for specific issues or just sit and let your energy accept what it needs.

Your body may tingle and you will begin to relax. Your heart will open and your mind will clear of unwanted and unneeded thoughts.

Remain here for at least 3 minutes or as long as it takes for you to feel renewed – longer times are appropriate for high stress or illness.

Anything can happen.