Transformational Energy Healing with Barbara Paster


Barbara Paster is an Intuitive Master Energy Healer working with people and animals. Healing your energy can have a profound effect on the body’s cellular biology and bring you into health and well being. When your energy is well, your body is well along with your mind, your spirit and the way you move through this life. Local Phoenix and worldwide service.

My Work

Whether you are feeling stuck in life or if you have serious physical issues, I can help. When you transform your energy – your mind, spirit, and your physical body will follow. There are no limits to the changes we can create through working with energy.

My healing work with people includes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. As an Energy Whisperer, I tap into the troubled energy, and then help you to release and/or transform that energy and bring it into light. I work on many different levels to create cellular healing.

I have developed my own method which I call “Energy to the Point.” We release, balance, heal, and illuminate. I connect to you, we connect to spirit, and together we create transformation. Sessions are safe, gentle, loving, uplifting, and transformative.

My work with animals is similar to the work I do with people except that aside from the healing work, I am also an Animal Communicator. More Info!

For the most part, I do the healings over distance as I can connect with energy anywhere in the world. For those who wish to see me in person, I have a space (for people only) in Central Phoenix and one in the West Valley. For pets, I will be glad to make a home visit in the Phoenix Metro area.

Please see SERVICES for more info on how I can help you.


“Barbara first helped us with our pets and then we began to understand that she is also a medical intuitive, and works with healing energy as well. I asked her to help me with my chronic insomnia, and I see the results. One time, my husband and I were traveling out of the country, and we both suddenly had very bad low back pain. We called Barbara, and our back pain was gone within 10 minutes! Now, my husband has cancer, and she is working on him to get the tumor to shrink. His doctor’s are amazed at what’s happening. They said they’ve never seen a response like this. I think it’s Barbara’s energy work that’s making the biggest difference.

Life is energy. Barbara has a special gift. She can understand and heal your energy, helping with many ailments. My husband and I are both testaments’ to her healing powers. She will help you understand how you can heal yourself through energy work.

She’s an amazing lady! Call her – we’re glad we did”.

~ Lynda & Bill