Etheric “Pet Sitting”

Long-Distance Animal Communication
and Support For Pets During your Travels

Do your pets:

  • Become distressed when you travel?
  • Stop eating?
  • Act out?
  • Get scared of the sitter?
  • Give you the cold shoulder when you arrive home?
  • Or maybe you are concerned that they are just bored or lonely with one sitter visit a day.

I will communicate (long-distance) with your pets and take care of their emotional, mental, and spiritual needs while you travel.

I let your pets know you are leaving, how long you will be gone, and that you are coming back. I will also speak to them about any other of your concerns or issues and align their energy to release stress, fears, worries . . .

While you are away, I “check in” with your pets every day for communication, conversation, friendship, smiles, energy healing, and to make sure everyone is happy.

“Barbara has been indispensable when I travel. I do very strong work, helping factories improve the way they make things, sometimes for 10-12 hours a day. There is very little left of me when I get back to the hotel. Although I want to commune with my cat Merlin (the way Barbara has taught me), I have asked Barb to take this over when I travel. She keeps Merlin content, even if I have to be away for three weeks.” –Gwendolyn

“I have had to leave my cats alone for a few days when I travel and Barbara’s service has been incredible. They used to get upset and give me the cold shoulder when I would get home — for days! I don’t exactly know what Barbara does but the last time I got home, my cats were even more loving than when I left. It was amazing.” –Jenny

My fees for this service are very reasonable — $50 for an initial session (one-time only) and $35 per pet per week. Group discounts available.