Healing Grief for Pets

Is your pet is sad or grieving from the loss of another pet, their human, or even the separation of a loved one? Are they moping or lethargic?

There is no reason for them to suffer for weeks or months. I can help you in one session!

Through Animal Communication, Energy Healing and Counseling, I will help your pet to release their grief. I will restore them to their old self (maybe even happier), and help them to prosper as an individual in their new situation.

This is one of my most fulfilling services with pets. Helping them become joyful and peaceful after a great loss is so rewarding – not to mention healing for the whole household.



My dog Sam moped around for a month after we lost his littermate Max. I could not believe the difference after the session. He went from being almost lethargic to looking and playing like a puppy again. I felt better too. Thanks so much! –Joanne

I had very little faith that this would work but my friend made an appointment for me. I would not have believed it if it hadn’t really happened. My dog had been miserable, pacing, nervous and depressed since we lost our older dog. They had been inseparable. The session was not even in person but my dog’s ears perked up at exact time Barbara said she would be connecting with her. She then slept for a couple of hours and when she awoke, she was her old happy self and wanted to play. It was just incredible. The session truly helped my grief as well. – Jennifer

I just rescued a cat that was separated from his mom when she went into a nursing home. He was depressed and kept looking out the window waiting for her to come back. It was breaking my heart. I tried everything to make him comfortable but he just wasn’t interested. Barbara worked with him and his whole demeanor changed. He became comfortable, found his spot on the sofa, and became the most happy and loving cat — almost over night. I don’t get it but it works! – Cara

It helps for me to have:

• Name and Age of pet

• Digital Photo of pet (or breed/description)

• Digital Photo of pet that has crossed over (if applicable) or brief description of why pet is grieving

• Whatever other info you would like to share so I can be sure to cover all bases.