Testimonials – Animals

“I have known Barbara for several years; I took an animal communication class with her which was very interesting and useful. I have had her help in communicating with my four-legged kids (both those still here and those passed on) many times.     I have recommended her services to several friends with pets who were very pleased.   She is very caring, thorough, and has the gift!  I really appreciate her abilities and her kindness; I will continue to call on her to help with communication and healing of my fur-kids.  In addition, she is a talented artist and I have some of her work in my home!” –– Cherie

“My dog had a life filled with horrible trauma before he came to me. For many months I tried so hard to make him comfortable and happy. He would sometimes come to say hello and then go right back to his hiding place. Any noise would make him hide in my closet. When the session was over he began wagging his tail and seemed so peaceful. He has become very happy and doesn’t hide any more. He follows me, sits with me, and he loves being active with the other dogs! His whole life has changed.” –– R.S.

“Merlin arrived on my doorstep two weeks after I moved into my beautiful new home in Oregon.  Black and fierce, soft and sweet, he was my first cat ever.  When he came home with a big bite above his tail, I brought him to the Vet and look for metaphysical help— an animal communicator.

I was lucky enough to find Barbara Paster.  Though I didn’t know it at the time, Barbara would be not only an important help to me, as a new and inexperienced Cat Mom but as a friend to the Merle, as I often call my dear companion.

Over the past five years, Barbara has helped in so many ways.  At first she simply introduced me to Merlin – so I could begin, with confidence, to communicate directly.  Slowly, with Barb’s coaching I caught on. I never hear Merlin but he seems to hear me. His behavior changes and, well, he talks a lot, especially after Barbara has given him a treatment.

Yes, Barbara, with her many gifts in his realm, clears Merlin’s fields and allows him to function better and much more happily. This was especially important in the first few years when I understood that Merlin had pretty much been a street cat before we found each other.

Barbara has given me peace of mind that Merlin is happy, balanced, and growing. She is a highly gifted intuitive, filled with such beautiful Light.  And she has such a deep love and respect for these wonderful companions. I am very grateful for her presence in our lives. And Merlin has apparently invited Barbara to move into his castle….my house.” –– Gwendolyn

“My dog had a chronic ear infection for over a year and would never let anyone pet his head or touch anywhere near his ears. It was difficult to give him his medication. Barbara stayed with him while I was away for a few days and when I came back, he was great. We could pet his head and even play with his ears and the pain never returned.” ––C.S.

“Barbara was referred to us over 3 years ago by a friend when the time came to put down our dog, Marjerle. We were very sad, and she talked to Majerle on the ‘other side’. She then explained to us how he felt both before and after. We believed in Barbara from the start, because she told us things that only Majerle could have told her. It was a ‘wow’ moment for us.

When we got a new puppy Winston (left), Barbara talked to him, and even ‘baby sits’ him energetically if we go on a trip. She has also helped us with disciplinary difficulties with him. He responds very well to her.” ––Lynda C.

“My cat Billy Lou was in an accident and broke his pelvis. The vet predicted 6 weeks until he would be able to walk again. Barbara did a long distance healing on him, he began eating again and within a week, Billy Lou was walking normally. Thank you Barbara, you are the best!” –– G.S.

“Each time we called Barbara for her help we could see an immediate change in Bambi’s demeanor. She was so much happier and livelier. She was correct in everything she said about Bambi and the cats, including things that no one else would know but Troy and myself. I believe that she made Bambi’s transition much easier for her and helped us to realize what was best for her. I was happy to know that she was not in pain. Barbara helped to bring us comfort in that.” –– Rich

“For the first eight months in our new house, our cats would not come out of the bedroom. Their litter boxes, food, and beds were all in there. After working with Barbara and they began to come out. Over a few months they worked their way completely out and have taken over the livingroom. I didn’t realize there was anything we could do.” –– S.C.

“I own 2 young herding dogs who were getting along just fine until my boyfriend moved out of the house.  Shortly after he left, the older one started agressively attacking the younger one for no apparent reason.  The last attack I thought she was going to rip her throat open.  I was deparate.  I didn’t want to give up either dog.  My friend and pet sitter recommended I contact Barb to see if I could get some help.  A few days later I called and I sent her picture of the dogs as she asked.

After their first session with Barb,  I noticed a complete difference in both dogs.  Both were much calmer.  I had a few minor fights and Barb did followups and now they are getting along great.

I have had such wonderful results that when the older one had an infection and had to wear a cone for 2 weeks, I contacted Barb for help.  Again amazing results.  The dog went from pawing at the cone and fighting it to being okay with wearing it.”       –– Gail

“My 13 year old dog stopped hearing well and had really slowed down in recent months. After only a twenty minute treatment, her ears perked up, she had renewed energy, and she began responding to noises and calls that she had previously not heard. I was amazed.” –– M.C.