Animal Communication

I love working with pets, helping them, and their humans, to resolve any and all issues. As a healer and communicator, I can work with physical, emotional, and behavioral issues or just answer questions for you like, “Does my dog want another pet in the house?” or “Is my pet ready to cross over?”  I feel confident that I can help you with any problem or question. Below is a list of some common requests.

  • Rescue Issues: Sadness, Fear, Stress…
  • Depression
  • Grief Recovery for Pets.
  • Behavior
  • Sudden Change in Behavior
  • Relationships
  • Trauma
  • Physical Issues: Pain Relief, Disease, Injury
  • After-Life Communication
  • Issues of Older Pets, Assistance Through the Dying Process


Barbara has developed a unique and complete form of healing which combines Animal Communication, Intuitive Energy Healing, and Counseling. She can help to resolve issues at the root cause and create life-long benefits. She can also communicate with your pets after they have passed.

Barbara works with animals and their owners to understand the issues and then proceed to create healing on all levels. With her help, clients have had significant changes in the health, behavior, emotional states, and overall comfort levels of their animals. She can assist you when you feel you have nowhere left to turn and help to create clarity and resolution.

She has a special gift for helping rescue animals find peace. She works with many that are having problems with fear, trauma, trust, skittishness, anger, depression, and behavioral problems sometimes associated with a new environment and past trauma. These problems may be addressed even if a pet has been in a new home for many years.

Barbara’s clients are all types of animals including cats, dogs, horses, iguanas, turtles . . . She works with everything from serious physical problems to helping a dog hiding in fear or a cat grieving the loss of a littermate.

“The healing is always very deep and personal, compassionate and loving. I leave an animal feeling peaceful and whole which in some cases is the first time they have felt genuine joy and a sense of self. Often a session is life affirming and life changing.” – Barbara

All of these services may be done with a long-distance session. My clients are all over the map. If you are a Phoenix Metro resident, we can also schedule in person.